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Parceria Internacional CNRD-USP

O CNRD é uma rede de conhecimento para questões relativas à avaliação e gestão de recursos naturais como condição para o desenvolvimento sustentável. A USP é parceira do CNRD (http://www.cnrd.info/index.php?brazil), assim como diversas outras universidades e países. Acompanhe os eventos realizados a partir desta parceria coordenada, no Brasil, pelo Prof. Edson Wendland.

Going abroad by: Marjolly Priscilla Shinzato


“Being offered the chance to stay abroad, exchanging researcher’s experiences, studying with people from different backgrounds, sensing their cultural traditions in solving problems, being able to see different PhD modules, and participating in discussions, all made me realize my importance as a Brazilian researcher trying to solve our problems in Brazil. That was the fruit of my participation in the international summer school and PhD program from CNRD between October to December 2011 that was realized in Cologne/ Germany.”

Experiences Abroad


From December 6th, 2010 to February 28th, 2011 Aline Ribeiro from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, participated in an exchange student at the Fachhochschule Köln – Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany. The student describes his experiences in this CNRD activity in a short essay below: “The internship to Germany was my first chance to know another country, which was made possible because of the support offered. This experience was important from an academic and cultural aspect. I had the opportunity to meet many people from around the world, learning about their cultures and languages. Besides I was able to improve my English and to live side by side with people working in the same subjects that were proposed for my master project. That allowed me to learn the various possibilities of how to build a hydrological model using the JAMS framework (Jena Adaptable Modelling System), have experience with other hydrological models like MIKE-11 and HEC-HMS and advanced tools for Geographical Information System with ArcGis 9.3.”

E-learning: "webeducation" beyond borders


From 24st to 28st 2010 Cristian Youlton from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, participated at the ELearning Course in Cologne, Germany. The PhD student describes his experiences in this CNRD event in a short essay below: “We were two days in Duisburg University into an e-learning course introduction, where we learnt about different elearning trends, and training with some elearning tools (Moodle for producing modular internet-based courses, and Adobe Connect for video-conference). We will use those tools during next 6 months until get an Educational Media Certificate. Last days we meet in CUAS doing our first assignment of elearning course and into a workshop discussing about questions concerning e-learning activities and development in CNRD (coordination, infrastructure, course design, standard operation procedures and sustainability of e-learning courses). It is a good step to develop a cooperation network between CNRD universities, establishing teams of professors to create some commons courses from and for different countries and realities, giving to students an international view and using the freedom of e-learning courses. Personally, it is a good international experience and a good opportunity to get new tools for improves and updates my teaching skills in the digital era.”

Saturnino Chembeze from Mozambique to Brazil: a CNRD Lecture Exchange.


Saturnino Chembeze visited the University of São Paulo, Brazil, from December 4th to December 14th. Saturnino is professor at the Eduardo Mondlane University of Mozambique. Chembeze’s research area is soil mechanics and geothecnical engineering. He also visited the Computacional Hydraulics Laboratory (LHC) and met with the team coordinated by USP’s Prof. Edson Wendland (photo below).


Chile-Brazil Lecturer Exchange


From 22nd to 26th November 2010 Prof. Dr. Eduardo Salgado from the Catholic University of Valparaiso Faculty of Agronomy, Chile ministered a compact course at USP - University of São Paulo. This activity is an exchange between Chile and Brazil. Prof. Dr. Salgado talked about issues related to Scientific Methodology - Special Topics in Hydraulic and Sanitation. The course was offered to students of USP and opened to professors of this University.

The student Aline Ribeiro, guided in the master by Prof. Edson Wendland (USP - University of São Paulo), is ready for the exchange Brazil-Germany in December of this year. Aline is going to Cologne University of Applied Sciences/Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT) where she will work with Prof. Dr. -Ing. Jackson Roehrig. The exchange aims to improve knowledge of hydrological models, especially the modeling system JAMS (Jena Adaptable Modelling System) and learning about the research projects developed in the ITT. She expects to improve her studies, her English and learn about the differences in cultures.

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